Singapore to decriminalize homosexual sex, protect marriage law

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia (AP) — Singapore will decriminalize sex between men by repealing a colonial-era law, but amending the constitution to ensure same-sex marriage is not allowed, the city-state’s leader said. on Sunday.

Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong said he believed repealing the law is “the right thing to do now” as most Singaporeans will now accept decriminalization.

“Private sexual behavior between consenting adults does not raise any public order issue. There is no justification for prosecuting people for it or making it a crime,” Lee said. “This will bring the law in line with current social mores and hopefully bring some relief to gay Singaporeans.”

During his speech at the annual National Day Rally, Lee promised that the repeal will be limited and will not shake Singapore’s traditional social and family norms, including the definition of marriage, what is taught to children in schools, what is shows on television and the behavior of the general public.

He said the government will amend the constitution to ensure there can be no constitutional challenge to allowing same-sex marriage.

“Even if we repeal Section 377A, we will uphold and safeguard the institution of marriage,” Lee said. “We have to amend the constitution to protect it. And we will. This will help us repeal Section 377A in a controlled and careful manner.”

Section 377A of the Penal Code was introduced under British colonial rule in the 1930s. British rule over the island ended in 1963 when Singapore became a state of Malaysia. He became independent two years later, but kept the Penal Code, which punished sexual relations between men with up to two years in prison.

Since 2007, when Parliament last debated whether to repeal Section 377A, his position was to keep the law but not enforce it.

But gay men say the law hangs over their heads and discriminates against them. Thousands of activists annually organize a rally in the city-state known as “Pink Dot” in support of the LGBTQ community.

Lee said he hopes the government’s move will help reconcile and accommodate the concerns of conservative religious groups and the desires of gay Singaporeans to be respected and accepted.

“All groups must exercise restraint, because that is the only way we can move forward together as a nation,” he said. “I hope that the new balance will allow Singapore to remain a tolerant and inclusive society for many years to come.”

One of Lee’s nephews, Li Huanwu, is gay. The son of Lee’s estranged younger brother, Lee Hsien Yang, married his partner in South Africa in 2019. Li Huanwu has attended Pink Dot events with his partner and parents.

Other former British colonies still retain similar laws criminalizing sex between men, including neighboring Malaysia, where a former deputy prime minister was twice jailed for sodomy. He was sentenced in 2000 and again in 2014, in cases critics say were politically motivated.

In 2018, India decriminalized gay sex after its Supreme Court in a landmark ruling struck down Section 377 that punished gay sex with up to 10 years in prison. Some Asian governments have also moved to legalize same-sex marriage, with Taiwan being the first in 2019. Thailand also recently approved plans allowing same-sex unions.

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Is Punta Cana gay-friendly?

Punta Cana is known as the most gay-friendly destination in the Caribbean, and for good reason! This hotspot boasts incredible beaches, laid-back bars and restaurants, and exciting cultural events throughout the year. Read also : ‘Say Gay Prom’ kicks off Saturday night in Oceanside.

What dangers are there in Punta Cana? That is why the hotels and resorts are very well guarded, as is the beach area. Some health hazards, such as sunburn and mosquito-borne diseases, are the main risks in Punta Cana. Women should never travel there alone.

Does grindr work in the Dominican Republic?

In some situations, such as when using Grindr in the Dominican Republic or Grindr Mexico, the GPS itself may be turned off. On the same subject : For gay couples hoping for a military burial, the fight for love doesn’t end with death. For this reason, I recommend submitting or requesting not only a location, but also a street and, if necessary, an apartment number.

Does Grindr work internationally?

Grindr is a GPS-enabled location-based app, so it automatically records your position every time you log in, whether you’re using Grindr in Spain, Grindr Italy, or Grindr Amsterdam.

Is Grindr a safe dating app?

Grindr has the same security vulnerabilities as other dating apps, especially when it comes to keeping users’ locations private.

What is the closest app to Grindr?

The best alternative is Feeld, which is free. Other great apps like Grindr are Hot or Not, Zoosk, Lex, and MeetMe. Grindr alternatives are mainly dating services, but they can also be social networks. Filter by these if you want a narrower list of alternatives or if you’re looking for specific Grindr functionality.

Is there Grindr in Europe?

In a statement, a Grindr spokesperson said the company had obtained “valid legal consent from all” of its users in Europe on multiple occasions and was confident that its “approach to user privacy is the first of its kind” among social apps.

Is Punta Cana safer?

Punta Cana is one of the safest vacation spots in the Caribbean and tourists should feel comfortable traveling outside the hotel zone. See the article : CDC officials warn of gay and bisexual men as monkeypox spreads in community. However, petty theft does sometimes happen (especially cell phones, according to some), so you should be careful when carrying valuables with you.

Is it safe to travel off resort in Punta Cana?

Punta Cana is one of the safest tourist areas in the Caribbean and, without a doubt, one of the safest areas in the Dominican Republic. Although it is a very safe place, as it is in other countries and cities, there are places that you should not go alone.

How do people stay safe in Punta Cana?

Avoid traveling alone outside of Punta Cana; It is preferable to go as a couple or in a group. Even within Punta Cana, stick to popular areas and limit excessive alcohol consumption. Sexual assaults involving drugs in drink date rape have been reported in Punta Cana hotels.

Is Punta Cana safe at night?

In general, it is safe for women to travel alone in the Dominican Republic, but like anywhere in the world, common sense and sound judgment should always be on your agenda. Avoid walking alone in isolated areas or back streets alone late at night. In the tourist city of Punta Cana, sexual assaults are common at night.

When should you avoid Punta Cana?

Also, don’t go there from September to October, the worst time to go to Punta Cana. Otherwise, it would be quite fine, and with excellent hot and humid weather almost all year round, it’s sure to be a great vacation too.

How LGBT friendly is the Dominican Republic?

Local attitudes towards the LGBT community are mostly conservative throughout the Caribbean. Although same-sex sexual relations are legal in the Dominican Republic, same-sex marriages are not legally recognized. Public displays of affection can attract unwanted and negative attention.

What is not allowed in Dominican Republic?

Illegal drugs, animal, horticultural and agricultural products are prohibited. Prescription medications brought for personal use must be in their original container.

Can lesbians go to the Dominican Republic?

You can experience the country with the most sublime and beautiful beaches in the world, either alone or as a couple. Or choose the nightlife that Santo Domingo (the capital city of the Dominican Republic) has to offer with numerous bars, clubs and saunas for gays and lesbians.

Can you kiss in the Dominican Republic?

Kissing in public in the Dominican Republic could get you into trouble. Yes, you read that right. If you feel like showing affection in public, better not, as it is illegal in the country to kiss in front of a police officer.

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What is Keybox Singapore?

Keybox Sauna is one of the most popular gay saunas in Singapore. This gay sauna and cruise ship club is located on Clarke Quay (1 MRT stop from Chinatown) and is famous for being popular with a diverse crowd. You should be able to find your type at this hotspot after clubbing.

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What are Latvians known for?

22 things for which Latvia is known and famous

  • One of the oldest flags in the world.
  • The tallest women in the world.
  • Riga.
  • Beautiful beaches.
  • fast internet.
  • Beer.
  • rivers.
  • Be fans of ice hockey.

What did Latvia invent? And he invented jeans. In 1870, a customer asked her to make a pair of sturdy pants for her lumberjack husband. the product.

Are Latvians friendly?

Latvians are friendly But Latvians, although not openly sociable, are very friendly. Almost all Latvians speak three languages ​​well. In addition to their mother tongue, Russian and English are widely spoken, even in the most remote areas.

Are Latvians trustworthy?

Latvia is generally safe to travel to, crime rates are relatively low and even pickpockets are not that common. However, it is recommended to remain alert at all times, especially on the streets.

How do people in Latvia behave?

Latvians are polite and courteous. They can be extremely secretive. They don’t smile easily, especially at strangers, and they don’t feel comfortable talking about trivial things. They often seem to have little difficulty accepting what would be considered awkward silences in other cultures.

How are Latvian people like?

Latvians often despise themselves because of their culture’s tendency towards introversion, a personality type that is easily overstimulated and prefers solitude, quiet and reflection. Examples abound, from the Riga neighborhood called ZolitÅ«de (Loneliness) to many ingrained habits, such as not smiling at strangers.

What race are Latvians?

The Latvians (Latvian: latvieši) are a Baltic ethnic group and nation originating from Latvia and the immediate geographical region, the Baltic States. They are also occasionally referred to as Letts, especially in older literature.

Are Latvians Russian?

One in four inhabitants of Latvia is a Russian Latvian. Most Latvian Russians live in the main cities of RÄ«ga, Daugavpils and RÄzekne. The Russian language is the most widely used and widely used and understood minority language throughout the country. Latvia hosts public and private media broadcasting in Russian.

What race is Lithuanian and Latvian?

Both states share a long common history: both Latvians and Lithuanians belong to the family of Baltic peoples, speakers of Baltic languages.

Who are Latvians descended from?

Latvia was originally populated by the ancient peoples known as Balts. In the 9th century, the Balts came under the supreme rule of the Varangians, or Vikings, but their German-speaking neighbors to the west established a more lasting rule over them, who Christianized Latvia in the 12th and 13th centuries.

Is Latvia a Slavic?

Native speakers1.75 million (2015)
language familyIndo-European Balto-Slavic Baltic Eastern Baltic Latvian

What is Latvian famous for?

What is Latvia famous for? This small but important Baltic state squeezes UNESCO World Heritage-listed Art Nouveau architecture, natural landscapes, and sticky black balm into its Eastern European borders.

What is Latvia best at in the world?

Celebrated for its Art Nouveau architecture, the city has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site and was named a European Capital of Culture in 2014. Latvia is a member of many international organizations, including the United Nations, the World Bank, the Council of Europe and the Commercial Organization.

Did Latvia invent anything?

5 Latvian inventors behind mozzarella, pringles, rocket science, spy cameras and more. Latvia’s history of innovation goes back much further, and the impact of its innovations extends further back in time.

What is Latvia famous food?

Latvians also eat cold soup (aukstÄ zupa), fish soup (zivju zupa), sorrel soup (skÄbeÅu zupa), and mushroom soup (sÄÅu zupa). A traditional Latvian dessert is rye bread soup (maizes zupa) made with rye bread, whipped cream, dried fruit and blueberries.

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Where do gays go in Greece?

Mykonos Island is the main gay holiday destination in Greece and one of the most popular gay resorts in the world. There are numerous gay-friendly hotels and clubs on the island. Gay and lesbian people feel free to express themselves and their choices.

Is it safe for LGBT to travel to Greece? Greece is one of the liberal countries for LGBT expats. Homosexuality has been legal in the country since 1951. Additionally, equal age of consent has been legal in Greece since 2015. The country also allows LGBT people to serve openly in the military.

Why is Mykonos full of gays?

It was Jackie Onassis who put Mykonos on the gay travel map in the 70’s. She frequently visited the island, making it stylish, and the gay guys followed suit. Over the years, more and more gays visited Mykonos, leading to more and more hotels and guest houses catering to the gay market.