The White House Defends Rachel Levine, Women’s Baseball Was Super Gay, and Dave Chappelle Is Fired: This Week in Queer News.

A University of Idaho law professor formed a prayer circle around a queer student. [LGBTQ Nation]

A Catholic hospital system is set to deny only same-sex couples fertility benefits. [The Hill]

A Trump-appointed judge has taken it upon himself to remove some of Biden’s LGBTQ+ protections. [They]

An Iowa library has been forced to temporarily close due to anti-LGBTQ+ harassment of its librarian. [Des Moines Register]

Ted Cruz said the Supreme Court’s 2015 decision legalizing marriage equality was “clearly wrong.” [HuffPost]

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you another entry for the song of the summer: “Booty” by Saucy Santana. [They]

Designer Jean-Paul Gaulteir says straight actors should be able to play gay roles. Spoiler alert: they already do. [Bloomberg]

The cinematographer behind Marcel the Shell with Shoes On tells all about using film images to express deep emotions. [They]

The Mistress of the Dark is also a master of snark. [They]

Minneapolis venue actually canceled Dave Chappelle. (Well, show his, at least.) [HuffPost]

Former NBA star Charles Barkley said “I love you” to gay and trans people this week. [They]

It turns out that Lizzo and Rihanna get pretty flirty in each other’s DMs. [They]

The queer-focused horror film They/Them has a new, official trailer. [YouTube]

Powerpuff Girls and its quirky villains are getting another reboot. [They]

A joke about hair color undermined Marvel’s leaps in trans representation in comics. [Screen Rant]

Lil Uzi Vert has changed his pronouns on Instagram to “they/them”. [They]

Farewell, witch! Quidditch is now called Quadball. [They]

Yeah, the league that A League of Their Own is based on was, like, super gay. [The Lawyer]

Some state senators from New York have introduced a bill to teach women’s history and LGBTQ+ history in schools. [1010 Wins]

Everything Everywhere All at Once returns to theaters with 8 minutes of spoilers. [IGN]

Russia’s top tennis player has come out as gay. [Pink News]

The University of Nevada, Reno has added a GLBTQ+ studies minor. [University of Nevada, Reno]

On Bumble, women message first, so the app wouldn’t allow this non-binary person to send the first correspondence. [LGBTQ Nation]

The Sims will let users make their Sims weird, though we did that, right? [Kotaku]

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