Fox is also outraged after Biden signed same-sex marriage legislation


New warning on the Trump-DeSantis press crackdown

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The Knesset elected Likud MK Amir Ohana as its speaker on Thursday,…

Busted: Watch DeSantis take credit for vax before pandering to conspiracy theorists

Christian Academy Louisville homework: Persuade friends not to be women
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LOUISVILLE, Ky. – An assignment was given to several elementary school students…

Fox hosts rage after Biden signs gay marriage law

Tammy Baldwin, who is gay, confronted Marco Rubio to tell him that the same-sex marriage vote was a "stupid waste of time."
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(CNN) While walking on an elevator on Wednesday, GOP Senator Marco Rubio…

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Text evidence bomb hits MAGA world: Coup plots unearthed by Jan. 6 panel

MAGA coup bomb: MAGA lawmakers caught texting coup plots

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Coup bomb goes off: Foreign arrests show peril for Trump

Busted: U.S. “Putin-style drug war” under fire after Brittney Griner release

Trump contempt judge rebuked by DOJ vet as Feds ramp up Mar-A-Lago pressure

Legal bomb hits Trump: Special counsel eyes contempt in Mar-A-Lago stolen docs case

From “F— Trump” to Obama summit: Rap’s impact ranges from politics to new song touting MSNBC

Trump knew all: Cohen eyes Trump himself after company guilty of crimes

Guilty: Trump Org. convicted, victorious NY D.A. speaks out

As Trump’s image fizzles, Obama tribute makes waves | MSNBC

Trump bomb rattles GOP, threatens McCarthy power play

Trump WH aide to MSNBC: Violent insurrection was ‘criminal’

Trump’s ‘legal jeopardy’: Major loss in Mar-A-Lago stolen docs case

Mar-A-Lago nightmare: Trump dealt major blow in criminal case

Obama vs. MAGA Hate: Ari Melber on debunking lies and Jay-Z’s political history lesson (MSNBC)

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