In historic House race between gay candidates, Republican defeats Democrat, NBC News projects

Republican George Santos wins the race for New York’s 3rd congressional district, beating Democrat Robert Zimmerman and changing the seat from blue to red, NBC News predicted. The contest marked the first time that two openly gay congressional candidates have faced each other in a general election.

With 89% of districts reporting Wednesday morning, Santos had 54.2%, while Zimmerman had 45.8%.

Santos took to Twitter early Wednesday morning to celebrate his win.

“We did it! #NY03 has spoken! I made one thing throughout this campaign: to be your champion in DC,” he wrote. “Thank you for this opportunity to be your voice!”

Santos succeeds Democrat Tom Suozzi, who left Congress last year in a failed bid for governor.

He will also become the first openly LGBTQ Republican elected to Congress.

Two former GOP House members — Wisconsin’s Steve Gunderson and Arizona’s Jim Kolbe — won re-election after coming out (or, in Gunderson’s case, being eliminated). Former Republican Representatives Mark Foley of Florida and Aaron Schock of Illinois came out as gay after they resigned from the House.

All 11 current LGBTQ members of Congress — two Senators and nine Representatives — are Democrats. Of the 1,065 LGBTQ candidates who ran for public office this year, the vast majority, 89%, were Democrats, according to the found political action committee LGBTQ Victory Fund.

Santos’ expected victory comes as LGBTQ issues have increasingly become a wedge in the country’s cultural wars.

According to the Human Rights Campaign, Republican lawmakers have submitted a record 346 anti-LGBTQ bills to state lawmakers this year. Many of the bills aim to limit gender-affirming care for trans minors, prohibit trans girls and women from participating in girls’ sports teams at school, and prohibit the teaching of topics related to sexual orientation or gender identity in school. At least 12 bills limiting transgender rights have been signed this year alone, according to the American Civil Liberties Union.

In an interview in September, Santos said he sees no contradiction between his sexual orientation and the politics of his party.

“As a lifelong Republican, I have never experienced discrimination in the Republican Party,” he said at the time. “I am an openly gay candidate. I’m not shy.”

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January 3, 2021: 117th Congress officially begins, with Democrats controlling the House and Republicans controlling the Senate.

Why is it called midterms?

Apart from general elections and by-elections, by-election refers to a type of election in which the people can elect their representatives and other sub-national office holders (e. See the article : Shooting in Oslo near a gay bar investigated as terrorism, when the Pride parade is canceled.g. governor, members of the local council) in the middle of the term of office of the executive.

Why was the Electoral College established? The Electoral College was established by the drafters of the United States Constitution as an alternative to electing the president by popular vote or by Congress.

Which is correct midterm or mid term?

midterm Add to list Share. Midterm is exactly the middle of a semester or of a politician’s term of office. To see also : NY1 limited: Gay firefighter sues FDNY for discrimination. An interim exam is held halfway through the academic term. A school year is usually divided into semesters, trimesters, or quarters, and each of these can be called a term.

What means mid-term exam?

An interim exam is an exam taken in the middle of an academic grading period, or in the middle of a particular quarter or semester. Midterm exams are a form of formative assessment, to measure students’ mastery of the course material and identify areas where work remains to be done.

Does mid-term need a hyphen?

meaning ‘the middle of’ is usually linked by a hyphen to the next word, e.g. mid-September; in the medium term.

How do you spell mid-term?

“Midterm.” Dictionary, Merriam-Webster, Accessed October 30, 2022.

How do you use midterm in a sentence?

Examples of ‘mid-term’ in a sentence

  • Most midterm election results are only transient. …
  • Historically, by-elections have been referenda on the party in power.
  • But medium-term campaigns have been a little more dignified thus far.

What does midterm mean?

Definition of midterm 1a : The middle of an academic term. b : an interim examination. Read also : Florida textbook is backed by students protesting against “Don’t Say Gay” bill in photos. 2: About the middle of a tenure.

Is it midterm mid term?

midterm Add to list Share. Midterm is exactly the middle of a semester or of a politician’s term of office. An interim exam is held halfway through the academic term.

Why is it called midterm?

But what happens in the midterm elections — so called because they’re nearly two years into a president’s term — could have just as big an impact on the country’s direction. Most midterm elections focus on the two chambers of Congress: the United States Senate and the House of Representatives.

Who holds the House 2022?

LeaderNancy PelosicKevin McCarthy
leader sinceJanuary 3, 2003January 3, 2019
Leader’s chairCalifornia 11thCalifornia 20th
last election222213

What does midterm mean in a sentence?

U.S. 1. a [count] : an exam taken halfway through a school term. Next week the students will be making midterms.

What do you mean by election?

An election is a formal group decision-making process in which a population elects an individual or several individuals to hold public office.

Why do we need elections Class 9 Brainly?

Elections help voters to elect representatives who make laws for them, form the government and make important decisions. The voters can choose the party whose policies will guide the government and legislation.

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What happens if there is a vacancy in the House?

“When vacancies arise in the representation of a state, its executive authority shall issue election warrants to fill such vacancies.” House vacancies can be caused by death, resignation, declination, withdrawal or action of the House, but the Constitution requires them to be filled through election.


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How did the 12th Amendment change how we elect the President?

After the experiences of the 1796 and 1800 elections, Congress passed the 12th Amendment to the Constitution and ratified the states. Added in time for the 1804 election, the amendment stipulated that voters would now cast two votes: one for the president and the other for the vice president.

How Does the 12th Amendment Affect Presidential Succession? The 12th Amendment to the Constitution requires presidential and vice presidential candidates to obtain a “majority of the total number of nominated voters” to win the election.

How does the 12th Amendment change how the president and vice president are elected?

To balance the House’s role in severing presidential ties, the Twelfth Amendment requires the Senate to take that responsibility for stalled vice presidential contests. The Senate must choose between the two best recipients of electoral votes, with at least two-thirds of the Senate members voting.

How did the 12th Amendment change the election process for the president and vice president quizlet?

The most important part of the 12th Amendment is that instead of casting two votes for the president, each voter must choose a president AND a vice president on his or her ballot. This ensures that the president is linked to his running mate after the election.

How did the 12th Amendment change how we elect the president?

The Twelfth Amendment, proposed in 1803 and ratified in 1804, changed that original process, requiring voters to segregate their votes and indicate who they voted for as president and vice president. For more information, see Electoral College and Indecisive Elections.

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What is the minimum number of votes that it takes to guarantee a win in a presidential election?

A candidate needs the vote of at least 270 voters, more than half of all voters in the US, to win the presidential election.

What is the minimum number of states needed to win the presidential election? A candidate must obtain a minimum of 26 votes (a majority of the States) to be elected. The Senate elects the vice president from the two vice presidential candidates with the most electoral votes.

What is the minimum number of electoral votes a state may have in the Electoral College?

This is because the number of voters each state appoints is equal to the size of its congressional delegation, each state is entitled to at least three regardless of population, and the distribution of the legally determined number of the rest is only approximately proportional.

Why does each state have at least 3 Electoral College votes?

The electoral votes are distributed among the states based on the census. Each state is allocated a number of votes equal to the number of senators and representatives in its US congressional delegation, two votes for its senators in the US Senate plus a number of votes equal to the number of its congressional districts.

What is the minimum number of electoral votes a state can have quizlet?

what is the lowest number of voters a state can have? 3; because every state has at least 1 person in the House of Representatives and every state has only 2 senates because of the Great Compromise.

How many votes do states get in the Electoral College?

The Electoral College consists of 538 voters. A majority of 270 electoral votes is required for the election of the president. Your state has the same number of voters as members in its congressional delegation: one for each member in the House of Representatives plus two senators.

Does every state has at least 3 Electoral College votes?

Since each state has two senators and at least one representative, each state has at least three voters. California currently has the largest number of voters: 55. Voters gather in their respective capitals in December of each election year to vote for the president and vice president.

How many electoral votes does a presidential ticket need to win?

A candidate must win 270 of the 538 electoral votes to become president or vice president. If a candidate for president does not get 270 votes, the House itself elects the president from the three people who received the most electoral votes.

How many electoral votes are there altogether in the United States?

Federal office holders, including senators and representatives, cannot be voters. Of the current 538 voters, an absolute majority of 270 or more electoral votes is required to elect the president and vice president.

How many electoral votes can a president get?

On January 6, the votes will be officially opened and counted in a joint session of Congress in the House of Representatives chaired by the vice president. A candidate must win 270 of the 538 electoral votes to become president or vice president.