Palm Springs California: Things to do

Palm Springs, located in California’s Coachella Valley, is a picturesque destination that draws both desert lovers and sun worshipers. This vibrant town, once the playground of Hollywood celebrities and their entourages, still maintains its chic charm to this day.

Palm Springs Aerial Tramway is a rotating cable-car that takes passengers from the desert to the mountaintop within 12 minutes.


RoboLights offers a holiday experience unlike any other. To see also : Is the new host of jeopardy gay. These towering fixtures are made entirely from recycled electronics, and they’re illuminated by millions of lights for the holidays.

Since 1986, Robolights has been an annual Christmas tradition in Palm Springs. This exhibit is worth a visit during the Christmas season, and only costs $5!

Both attraction and attraction are important aspects of Palm Springs tourism, but one is more controversial than the other.

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Children’s Discovery Museum of the Desert

Children’s Discovery Museum of the Desert is a hands-on interactive museum that encourages creativity, ingenuity and curiosity. Over 80 exhibits are spread across three galleries. This may interest you : Bill and melinda gates are ending their marriage nbc palm springs news weather traffic breaking news. You’re sure to find something interesting here.

Annenberg Gallery offers visitors a unique experience. Visitors can build K’nex vehicles, perform science experiments on wind and body, or marvel at the oversized toys in Toy Town.

Explore the main exhibit hall, where you can touch a dinosaur skeleton in full size, experience a rope maze, climb a rock wall and participate in archeological digs. This museum is also the first to offer COVID-19 tickets that can be used at home, allowing both parents and children to enjoy an interactive, entertaining experience.

Discover the vibrant LGBTQ+ scene in Palm Springs! From inclusive accommodations to lively events, this guide has everything you need for an unforgettable trip.
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Architecture and Design Center

Downtown Palm Springs is home to the Architecture and Design Center, the newest branch of the Palm Springs Art Museum. Read also : Desert Air Successful Lands at Palm Springs Air Museum. This facility is a hub for architectural exploration and study, showcasing exhibits related to architecture and educational programs.

The Palm Springs Art Museum purchased an iconic mid-Century Modern building designed by E. Stewart Williams and restored by the Los Angeles architectural firm Marmol Radziner in 2011.

The Architecture and Design Center, newly opened at the Museum of Architecture and Design, features rotating exhibits. This new museum will have something for everyone, including floor-to ceiling windows that offer breathtaking views of the San Jacinto Mountains and a bank vault converted into a gift shop.

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Palm Springs Art Museum

The Palm Springs Art Museum, a regional institution of arts and sciences, showcases performing arts, natural history and art. This institution is sure to impress visitors with its 28 galleries, sculpture gardens, 433-seat theatre, resource centers, and classrooms.

The museum’s identity is based on its modern and contemporary collections, which include paintings, sculptures, and works of art on paper by notable mid-20th century artists.

The Art Museum has impressive Native American and Mesoamerican collection, including works from prominent indigenous artists such as Rick Bartow and Gerald Clarke.

Palm Springs Historical Society

Since the Southern Pacific Railroad built tracks through Greater Palm Springs, the citizens of the region have worked together to make it the charming resort it is today. The Palm Springs Historical Society is a great place to learn more about Greater Palm Springs and its rich culture.

The Historical Society is located in several buildings from the 19th century, including Miss Cornelia White’s “Little House” and McCallum Adobe. The museum provides visitors with a glimpse into Palm Springs’ fascinating history.

The Palm Springs Historic Site Preservation Board identifies, nominates and recommends buildings with architectural, cultural or historical value. The board also encourages public appreciation of Palm Springs rich cultural and architectural heritage.