NY1 limited: Gay firefighter sues FDNY for discrimination

A gay firefighter has filed a lawsuit against the city, FDNY and the lieutenant who served as chief of diversity officer, alleging harassment and hostility.

“I was at my lowest,” Corey Boykins told NY1 exclusively. “I was just trying to still have respect for the job, because I love the job. I love the job. I was trying to figure out how I could stop this without losing my job.”

Boykins said he was discriminated against for being gay and was subjected to slander from his very first day at FDNY.

What You Need To Know

Firefighter alleges hostile environment led to a mental breakdown Boykins says he then went to diversity officer, who allegedly urged him to try harder to be straight FDNY referred questions to the city Law Department, which said discrimination is not tolerated and it’s reviewing the case Fire department has faced high-profile lawsuits in past over gender and racial discrimination

The firefighter described in a complaint from the Brooklyn Supreme Court how he sought help from the department’s then head of diversity and inclusion, but was instead told that he should sleep with both men and women and that others had been “cured” for their homosexuality. Read also : Mayor Adams fires NYC’s education policy adviser after the Daily News reveals her anti-gay views.

“Immediately the first thing was: I do not belong in the firehouse and … basically being gay was a choice, having sex is about reproduction,” Boykins claimed, adding that the conversation also included “hand charts” demonstrating heterosexual intercourse.

The New York Fire Department has been sued this year earlier for sex and racial discrimination.

A landmark settlement in 2014 with the Vulcan Society of Black firefighters forced FDNY to diversify its ranks and create the diversity officer position.

A FDNY spokesman referred NY1’s request for comment on Boykins’ case to the city’s law department.

A spokesman there told NY1: “There is no room for discrimination or retaliation at any agency. The complaint is being carefully reviewed.”

Boykins said he tolerated certain inappropriate firehouse dynamics, but it crossed a line when anti-gay apologies were thrown directly at him.

Boykins, who graduated from the fire academy three years ago, said the harassment took a physical toll that led to a mental breakdown.

Lieutenant Darius Dorsett, who has been removed as a diversity officer and reassigned, did not return requests for comment.

Boykins apologizes and apologizes.

But he is not seeking to leave FDNY.

“I would risk my life for any civilian or one of my brothers, one of the firefighters,” he told NY1.

Boykins said the FDNY should require training in how to interact with colleagues of different races and sexual orientations, and on when to cross the border.

“This makes me feel somehow like I’m taking this home,” he said. “And the only thing I should take home is something bad about a fire, or I saw someone pass away. Those are things I could well take home.”

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What is top pay FDNY?

TownSunnyvale, CA.
Annual salary$ 63,250
Monthly salary$ 5,271
Weekly salary$ 1,216
Hourly rate$ 30.41

Do firefighters make good money in New York? The estimated total salary for a firefighter is $ 66,796 per year in the New York City, NY Area, with an average salary of $ 50,946 per year. See the article : Disney revealed: leaked videos show officials pushing LGBT agenda, saying DeSantis wants to “wipe out” gay kids. These figures represent the median, which is the midpoint of the ranges from our proprietary Total Pay Estimate model and based on salaries collected from our users.

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What is a fire pick?

FirePik-yNew harder stainless steel 2022 version Built like a dental floss, FirePik can easily get into tight areas. Use the end of the standard push knife as you normally would, except that it is thinner at the end for easier access behind the lock. See the article : What Florida’s “Don’t Say Gay” Act Actually Says. The wedged end works well on commercial doors.

Do firefighters use picks?

What does a Pulaski look like?

Pulaskien is a special hand tool used for firefighting in wild areas. The tool combines an ax and an adze in one head, similar to that of the cutter mattock, with a rigid handle of wood, plastic or fiberglass. Pulaskien is a versatile tool for building bonfires, as it can be used to both dig soil and cut wood.

What is a firefighters axe called?

Pulaski was created in the years just after Big Burn in 1910 by US Forest Service Ranger Ed Pulaski, and it continues to be used by wild firefighters to this day. The tool is a combination of a fire ax and an adze (or hoe), which allows firefighters to chop or dig with a wrist.

What is a firefighters tool called?

A Halligan rod, also known as a Halligan tool (sometimes also “Hooligan tool”), is a forced entry tool used by firefighters and law enforcement.

Why is it called a Pulaski axe?

Pulaskien came into widespread use by the forestry after 1913, and in 1920 the forestry began to enter into contracts for the tool to be manufactured commercially. Most firefighters know that the Pulaski firefighting tool was named after Ed Pulaski, the hero of Big Blowup in 1910.

What is a fireman’s hatchet?

This firefighter’s ax is a superior demolition tool for all purposes. The powerful head and 4-inch cutting edge of this ax deliver serious power when needed. The pick-girl is ideal for piercing and licking.

What is a McLeod used for?

The McLeod tool is a combination of a pick and a rake and can be used to clear brushes and dirt as well as to construct fire lines. McLeod’s head can be secured with a nail to prevent any twisting or movement while working.

What is a fire rake used for?

A fire rake is a fire fighting tool. A fire rake has a wooden or fiberglass handle with a rake head consisting of four to six sharp, serrated, triangular steel blades. It is used to tear a fire break with the sharp teeth so that it can reach fire in undergrowth in addition to loose surface debris.

Who was the McLeod tool named after?

Pulaski’s and McLeod’s origins date to the early 20th century. Malcolm McLeod, a US Forest Service Ranger, created his strange-looking but effective hand tool.

When was the McLeod tool invented?

Many variations of such tools were tried and discarded. Several came to the top, including the Macleod tool, invented in 1905 by Ranger Malcolm Macleod in the Sierra National Forest in California.

Who invented McLeod tool?

The combination tool was created in 1905 by Malcolm McLeod, a United States Forest Service Ranger at the Sierra National Forest. McLeod was originally designed to tear fire lines with its teeth and cut branches and sod with the ground notch edge.

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Do you need college for FDNY?

On the date of appointment, you must have a four-year high school diploma or equivalent education. Have at least 15 college semester points earned at an accredited college or university. OR, for applicants with a conscription background, must have full-time conscription with honorable discharge.

Is FDNY hard to get into? Keep in mind that becoming a firefighter is a tough job, and therefore the NYFD has extremely strict criteria for it. You can not just apply for FDNY and be hired without any hassle. In fact, they also have strict eligibility criteria that you must meet to be considered for any further application process.

What are the qualifications to be FDNY?

What are the “minimum qualifications” to be accepted? All applicants must be at least 18 years old before the application deadline; have a valid driver’s license or ID; have a high school diploma or equivalent. The application must be complete and legible.

What is the cut off age for FDNY?

A maximum age for applying for a firefighter exam is set at 28 years by the defendants. The defendants have allowed exceptions from the upper age limit for persons with previous military service. In these cases, the maximum age can be as high as 35 years.

Is 41 too old to become a firefighter?

Some departments set age 39 or 40 as the maximum they will consider. You can also check out their websites. Check the department’s training and certification requirements. Some municipal fire departments require state certification as a firefighter prior to employment.

What is the oldest age to join the fire department?

To become a firefighter, you must be between 18 and 35 years old. Therefore, young people who want to exercise this vocation should apply as soon as they have finished their formal schooling. Do not worry! Some firefighters do not have a maximum age limit for applicants.

How long is FDNY academy?

These rigorous 219 hours of training are specific to those seeking a seasonal firefighter job with CAL FIRE.

How long is the NYC fire Academy?

Step 5: Graduated from Fire Academy. Complete an 18-week classroom and physical fitness program that includes firefighting training. Begin your life’s career.

How many weeks is the FDNY academy?


How long is the FDNY EMT Academy?

Students usually spend about nine and a half months training in Fort Totten and in the field.

How can firefighters make extra money?

What are good side jobs for firefighters?

  • Personal training. It can take time to build your client list as a personal trainer. …
  • Carpentry. Carpentry is another option for a side job if you already have the experience and the necessary tools. …
  • Bartending. …
  • Landscaping. …
  • Real estate agent. …
  • Put your pickup to work – drive with Bungii.

Can firefighters get rich? It is possible to become a millionaire even at the relatively low typical firefighter salary of $ 45,970. The table below shows the mathematics. Over a 40-year career, a firefighter earning that salary would earn $ 1.8 million.

Where do firefighters make the most money?

Top Paying States for Firefighters The states and districts that pay firefighters the highest average pay are New Jersey ($ 86,880), California ($ 86,860), Washington ($ 77,700), New York ($ 77,380) and Hawaii ($ 68,590).

What city do firefighters make the most money?

Top Paying Cities for Firefighters The metropolitan areas that pay the highest salaries in the firefighting profession are San Jose, San Francisco, Vallejo, Los Angeles and Oxnard.

How do firefighters make a lot of money?

Most firefighters get more in salary than the basic salary when you include things like: EMT or paramedic salary, bilingual salary, training incentive salary, salary for special tasks, hourly wage for overtime, etc. Not all firefighters will receive all or any of these bonus scholarships. but many do.