How long were they stuck in Palm Springs?

Nana is an older version of Sarah. Good luck.” The two conversations have led to the theory that Nana is an older version of Sarah who knows how events will play out and is bearing witness to it.

How long was Andy Samberg trapped in Palm Springs?

WARNING: Spoilers below for Palm Springs “I don’t know if I should say this exactly, but Nyles has been there for over 40 years,” Siara revealed to Decider. “There are versions of the script where, especially when Sarah comes along, I put headlines about how much time has passed.


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How long was Nyles stuck in Palm Springs?

In a recent interview with, writer Andy Siara reveals that Nyles wasn’t just trapped in the same Palm Springs wedding day for a few weeks, more like a few decades. Read also : Which is more upscale Palm Springs or Palm Desert?. When asked about her time, Siara said: “I don’t know if I should say exactly, but Nyles has been there for over 40 years.

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Are time loops scientifically possible?

They found that causal loops might be mathematically possible in universes they hadn’t theorized as particularly strange or exotic in the first place. See the article : How far is Palm Springs from Legoland?. Such causal loops would disturb reality by removing the origin of some information, but they appear to be possible in universes with a spatial dimension.

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