Meet the Gay Man Fueling Tucker Carlson’s Anti-LGBTQ+ Program

Justin Wells is the chief executive officer of the gay celebrity and extremist movement, reports journalist Michelangelo Signorile.

A gay man is one of the forces behind Fox News Channel’s Tucker Carlson and his toxic anti-LGBTQ+ comments.

Justin Wells “runs all of Tucker Carlson’s operations, and is responsible for publishing the Tucker Carlson brand, which is all about promoting the grievances of gay men, perpetuating the racist conspiracy of ‘replacement theory’ ‘ and pushing an anti-LGBTQ agenda,” Michelangelo Signorile wrote this week in the Substack section, The Signorile Report. “Wells is the Executive Producer of ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight’ and holds the title of Vice President of Tucker Carlson Digital Products.”

Wells has been with Fox News for 14 years. He was a field producer on Greta Van Susteren’s On the Record from 2008 until 2016, and was the original host on Tucker Carlson Tonight when it started in 2016. He was added growing to a major producer in 2018. It is one of the strongest producers. at Fox News, former colleagues told Signorile.

Carlson’s show has a well-documented history of homophobia and transphobia and racism and sexism. Signorile gave a few recent examples. In his first performance since the Nov. 19 mass shooting at Club Q in Colorado Springs, Carlson delivered a “violent curse,” then went back to some of his usual routines, cursing hours of the queen’s story and alleging that minors have undergone “genital circumcision,” which is incorrect because minors are rarely subjected to genital surgery.

The next night, he hosted Jaimee Michell of Gays Against Groomers, who blamed the victims of the Club Q shooting. Michell said the tragedy was “predictable and predictable,” and that the violence against LGBTQ+ “will not stop until we end this evil policy that targets children.”

Wells had no comment for Signorile. But some say his power on Tucker Carlson Tonight is obvious. “It’s unlikely that any story will get broadcast by Tucker without significant buy-in from Justin,” Media Matters President and CEO Angelo Carusone told Signorile. Wells even appeared on the show himself and showed the support he and the team are getting from Fox executives.

Unlike some LGBTQ+ people involved in right-wing causes, Wells is not “a closed case,” Signorile said. He has been married to a man for almost ten years, and they have a home in New York City and a second residence in the country. Signorile did not reveal the husband’s name out of respect for his privacy. Also, years ago, Wells was working at NLGJA: The LGBTQ Journalists Association, with a boyfriend from whom they broke up. He appears to have scaled back his NLGJA duties shortly after joining Fox News.

It may seem strange that Carlson would have a gay partner, Signorile said, “but Carlson has also been happy to have members of the minority groups he supports stand up for him and oppose the group, such as trophies. .” Wells’ presence, he added, “strengthens Carlson even more.”

“That makes the presence of Justin Wells as a strong gay man behind Tucker Carlson even better news,” he said. “And all the more dangerous.”

After some media picked up the story, Donald Trump Jr. took the subject of Signorile’s work about Wells.

“Signorile has done a pathetic job of tearing down men who disagree with him. Now he’s going after Justin Wells, a gay guy who runs all of Tucker Carlson’s shows – he just wants gays to succeed if they do.” buy. his leftist propaganda,” Trump wrote.

Signorile posted a photo of Trump’s tweet, commenting, “When they bring out this loser, you know they’re scared and worried.”