At Oscars, Florida’s ‘Don’t Say Gay’ Bill Gets Jokes

The first political noise of the Los Angeles Sunday School Awards in Los Angeles was for the first time, when Wanda Sykes – one of the programme’s editors – was having fun with a Florida veil called “Don” ‘t Say Gay “which passed the Republican-led legislature earlier this month.

“We’re going to have a good night tonight,” said a gay man named Sykes. “And to you Florida people, we’re going to have a homosexual night.”

She and her co-hosts Amy Schumer and Regina Hall repeated the word “gay” several times, with many in the crowd like Denzel Washington and Nicole Kidman smiling and clapping happily.

The bill, which was passed earlier this month and has been strongly defended by Governor Ron DeSantis, bans directives on sexual orientation and gender identity in kindergarten up to third grade. The passing of it by Florida lawmakers has denied the accusation of criticism from Democrats that it discriminates against LGBTQ people.

It has been widely criticized by advocates of LGBTQ, the White House and many others within the entertainment industry.

The Florida debt shooting is not the only political crisis the recipients took when they opened their first language.

“This year we have seen a shocking manifestation of how toxic homosexuality is turning into violence against women and children,” Hall said.

“Unfortunately Mitch McConnell,” Sykes responded.

Hall said he was only making a line about Oscar-winning “The Power of the Dog”.

And they did not just look at politics as comedians to open the program: The trio ridiculed the controversial decision to produce eight Oscars before the show, basketball hero LeBron James and even Golden Globes.

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