Gay Republican Group Blows Up Texas GOP “Fools” Over Anti-LGBT Platform

AUSTIN (KXAN) – A group representing LGBTQ Republicans in the state has blasted the Texas Republican Charter as a “crazy people.” Tough words respond to a new national party platform that includes language calling homosexuality “an unconventional lifestyle choice.”

“These are crazy people,” said Michael Cargill, owner of the Austin gun shop and acting chairman of Log Cabin Republicans in Texas. “They are a small minority of non-Christians who speak this hateful language.”

At the last two years’ conference in Houston, one speaker said it was important to call it “safde a spade.” Another said she supported calling homosexuality “an unnatural behavior because it is.” Some members objected to the statement, with one saying it was bad for the party. Attempts to soften the word were voted on.

“We are the Republican Party of Texas,” the envoy said in a statement. “We are not Westboro Baptist Church.”

Cargill was disappointed that his team, along with units in Fort Worth and Houston – where the conference was held – were refused a building this week. He said this is not the first time this has happened.

Their job is not to judge anyone. That depends on the Lord judging, “he said in front of the state Capitol stairs.” They need to go deeper into the Bible, spend less time in church on Sunday and listen to what the Lord has to say. said of love to all his children. “

The president of the Houston chapter, who was prevented from being able to make a place, called the anti-LGBTQ voice “pleasant and depressing.”

“Log Cabin Republicans have consistently demonstrated our commitment to personal freedom, limited government, financial responsibility, and strong national defense,” LCR Houston President Chris Halbohn said in a speech to KXAN. “LCR would like to thank Melania Trump, Donald Trump Jr…. And our allies across Texas for their support for the Republican Party. We will never stop developing the niche voice of the LGBT conservatives in this country. our party to ensure its success in the coming years. “

Cargill urged the party to create a larger tent and focus on joining.

“We need to spend less time on people’s love and more people joining the party,” he said. “And growing the party.”

This week, delegates also agreed that Republicans oppose “all efforts to ensure gender identity,” including gender identity surgery and hormone therapy for anyone under 21.

This was the same conference, where on Friday, Sen. Republican John Cornyn reprimanded and booed. Criticism was in response to his work to mediate a bilateral agreement on fire safety following the Uvalde school shooting that killed 19 children and two adults.

The Texas GOP often represents the most conservative group in the former Conservative Party. Nearly 5,000 Republicans voted on the party’s platform compared to more than 1.8 million Republicans who voted in the March primary. Cargill said the far-right participants did not represent “most of the GOP.”

“It’s 2022,” said a woman at Lockhart’s Pride Fest on Sunday. “The only ‘unusual’ thing is homosexuality.”