Father of Homophobic Colorado Shooter Says ‘We Don’t Accept Gays’

Colorado Mass Shooter Father Concerned Son Was Gay … ‘We Don’t Do Gay’

11/24/2022 5:39 AM PT

The person who committed the mass murder at an LGBTQ+ bar in Colorado Springs has not told authorities what motivated him, but if many people suspect it – homophobia – then the apple may not fall far from the apple tree. On the same subject : ‘Do Not Say Gay’ bill: Florida Senate passes controversial LGBTQ school rate.

Aaron Brink’s first reaction when he found out that his son had murdered 5 customers at Club Q… “I was horrified. I thought, ‘Oh my god, fuck is he gay? And he’s not gay,” Brink said with a sigh of relief.

He’s not done yet… Brink said, “I’m a Mormon. I’m a conservative Republican and I’m not gay. I am not gay. We don’t make gays.”

Anderson Lee Aldrich says they are not binary, but not everyone believes this. Several friends came out and said they never even suggested they were before the murders. Some believe they say this to avoid being charged with hate crimes in addition to murder and other charges.

Brink, who is a porn star who goes by the name of Dick Delaware, has expressed remorse for what his son did… “There is no excuse for going around and killing people. If you’re killing people, something’s wrong. reply.” He continued, “I am so sorry for your loss.”

It’s unclear when the two split up, but Brink says Aldrich changed his name after he got involved in porn. He also said he was falsely informed by his ex-wife Aldrich, who committed suicide in 2016.

Aldrich was charged with five counts of first-degree murder and five counts of bias crime causing bodily harm. They first appeared in court on Wednesday with their faces battered and bruised after being beaten by heroic patrons who disarmed and restrained them.

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